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Atlanta Auditor Assistance for Food Service Industry

Help your Atlanta, GA food service business meet established local and state requirements by bringing in an auditor from L & A Consults. We evaluate each of your business processes for potential issues that could impact you in the future. Our team helps everyone from restaurant owners to food suppliers.


We know you care about the health and safety of both your employees and clients. Why not do everything possible to establish the best workplace conditions for workers and consistency look out for those who end up consuming your products?

Auditor Services

  • Supply chain management

  • Adherence to regulatory requirements

  • Quality assurance

  • Training consistency

  • Evaluating potential safety issues

  • Course-correction recommendations


L & A Consults can establish an atmosphere of adherence to quality, leaving you prepared for the most rigorous inspections. Contact us today for help bringing your Atlanta, GA food service business into compliance with local and federal protocols by calling us at (646) 883-2643.

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