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Food Consultant

Upgrade Your Atlanta Food Service Operations With a Food Consultant

L & A Consults lends their expertise to Atlanta-area businesses looking for help in their food service operations. We assist in everything from revamping menu items to help you think through your current business plan. Our team understands that details matter. We look for ways to optimize every aspect of your organization to help deliver returns on your investment.

Food Consultant Services

  • Menu Analysis

  • Business plan development

  • Kitchen organization

  • Architecture advice

  • Worker training

  • Equipment evaluation and purchase

  • Consultation on new products

  • Restaurant turnaround

  • Marketing assistance


We come out to your place of business provide feedback geared towards helping you achieve the goals you have set forth. Having a fresh, professional set of eyes review your setup can reveal opportunities you may have overlooked, which can help can bring your business vision into reality.


Are you ready to make your Atlanta, GA food service business the best it can be? Contact L & A Consults at (646) 883-2643.

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