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Food Safety Consultant

Atlanta Food Safety Consultant Assistance

Getting through an audit can be a challenging experience for even the largest Atlanta, GA food organizations. L & A Consults can help remove the stress of preparation by providing you with top food safety consultants to help you through the process. Our technical expertise allows us to provide practical and valuable advice on how to bring your company into full compliance and to work at optimal efficiency.


Our team evaluates your business to get an understanding of your culture. We tailor our solutions to fit what works for you, making it easier for you to continue following through with our recommendations over the long-term.

Food Safety Consultant Services

  • Assess your audit preparedness

  • Review manufacturing processes

  • Provide risk management assessments

  • Go over your supply chain management procedures

  • Do a full review of your regulatory and industry compliance

  • Facility assessment


Learn more about how our food safety consultants can help by calling L & A Consults at (646) 883-2643.

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