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FSMA Compliance

Ensure FSMA Compliance for Your Atlanta Food Business

The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) puts the burden of managing the safety of food imports on the importer. If you own an Atlanta, GA food service company that regularly imports food from another country, you should have a thorough evaluation done of how well your current Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) meets federal guidelines.


L & A Consults can perform an onsite evaluation of your current program. We help you refine your FSVP to meet the protocols established by the FSMA. We leave better positioned to undergo audits or other company inspections.


The training and guidance provided by L & A Consults include:

  • Evaluating current plans for how well they meet FSMA requirements

  • Learning to anticipate foreseeable hazards for certain imports

  • Assessing risks for certain foods after conducting a hazard analysis

  • Analyzing data when approving and verifying new foreign suppliers

  • Coming up with action plans for corrections that maintain the integrity of the supply chain


Learn more about how we can help with FSMA compliance by contacting L & A Consults at (646) 883-2643.

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