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GFSI Certification

Find a Consultant With GFSI Certification

Running a successful company in the food industry requires putting the best structure in place that ensures compliance with all food regulations. Hiring a consultant with a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification means receiving advice from someone well-versed in the requirements for any food businesses in the Atlanta, GA area.


L & A Consults can provide you with consultants geared towards your niche in the market. We evaluate each part of your business and provide actionable solutions that optimize your company and help it run at maximum efficiency.


The services our consultants provide includes:

  • Virtual and online training programs for employees

  • Onsite consultations

  • Procedures on food defense and food fraud

  • Preparing businesses for audits


We work with your company and tailor solutions that fit into your company culture. Our team uses years of expertise and skill to prepare you for the changing landscape of the industry.

For more information about bringing a GFSI certified consultant into your company, contact L & A Consults at (646) 883-2643.

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