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Regulatory Compliance Training

Receive Thorough Regulatory Compliance Training for Your Atlanta Food Enterprise

The quality of the regulatory compliance training provided to employees goes a long way towards ensuring the integrity of all aspects of food and beverage companies in the industry. Make sure workers in critical compliance roles receive accurate and up-to-date training through L & A Consults.


We keep our curriculum updated based on the latest information received from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the FDA, and any other regulatory bodies. Here is an overview of the education provided to relevant individuals in your organization.

  • Overview of food regulation

  • Overview of food safety plans

  • Understanding biological food safety hazards

  • Finding resources for establishing solid safety plans

  • Determining preventative controls and performing a hazard analysis

  • Establishing and following procedures for record keeping

  • Verifying and validating company procedures

  • Preventative controls for the supply chain

  • Evaluating current safety plans to ensure they meet FSVP requirements

  • Learning to anticipate potential and foreseeable hazards for certain imports

  • Assessing the risk posed by foods based on the results of a hazard analysis


Learn more about our regulatory compliance training by calling L & A Consults at (646) 883-2643.

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