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SQF Consultant

Get Help From an SQF Consultant for Your Atlanta Food Enterprise

Make sure your business meets the standards set for Atlanta, GA foodservice business by receiving an evaluation from an SQF Consultant. SQF Consultants help you achieve SQF quality certifications or food safety rankings. The SQFI-registered consultants at L & A Consults bring the competency and professionalism needed to bring your company into full compliance with local and state regulations.


Many smaller companies lack the workforce needed to keep employees and staff updated on any changes in food safety regulations that impact service delivery. L & A Consults assumes responsibility for these duties and help establish company-wide policies for compliance.

SQF Consultant Services

  • Establishes in-depth procedures to follow

  • Assistance revamping your systems and business software

  • Running of day-to-day food service activities

  • Conduct in-person and online training programs

  • Creation of fraud protection protocols


Bringing on one of L & A Consult’s SQF consultants frees you up to focus on more vital aspects of your business. Call us at (646) 883-2643 and find more about how we can help. We do a thorough evaluation of your business, whether it is a restaurant.

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